Gratitude Attitude: Week 1

It’s too easy to get sucked up into the culture of “not enough.” It seems like we walk around with a perpetual wishlist in our heads of everything we want that will  finally make us happy. That new sweater, just perfect for Fall. The latest iPhone. A faster car. A bigger house. A better life.

sweater weather

These wishlists can consume us if we’re not careful. Ultimately, they’re just temporary distractions from a larger place of unrest within us. By focusing on what we’re grateful for instead, our wishlists diminish, and we’re able to focus on a more pure source of joy.

Here’s what we’re grateful for this week:


  • I’m grateful for my body this week- it’s strong enough to carry me through whatever crazy workout I put it through, which is mostly yoga these days. I’m working on regaining the flexibility I lost hauling sails and not stretching all summer.


  • My mind- I’m at grad school at UMaine for Mathematics, and I’m so grateful I have the ability to keep up (mostly) with these complex classes.

crazy math

  • My heart- it lets me love Tess so much!


  • I’m grateful for this amazing dinner Trevor cooked (on a night I couldn’t feel LESS like cooking.) 


  • My wonderful band and my friends and family who came out to support me last night- we rocked a full house on an early Thursday evening!


  • Not having wifi- it’s encouraging me to read more, cook more, talk more, and build a slow yet growing resentment towards a certain someone who refuses to stop winning at Rummy 500.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.40.34 AM

What are you grateful for this week?

5 thoughts on “Gratitude Attitude: Week 1

  1. I’m grateful to be awake and present. I’m grateful for the morning fog over the Potomac. I’m grateful for the first tint of scarlet on the maple tree outside our home. I’m grateful for my family (including a certain niece and nephew-in-law). I’m grateful to read this post! (but Rummy 500???… what about Hearts?)


    • Thank you so much! I still get caught up in the wishlists too- that sweater in the post is one I almost bought before finally talking myself out of it. Thanks for commenting and reading, hope you’re having a great, grateful week!


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