Fresh start

My years always end with a bang. December is a smorgasboard of  friends’ and relatives’ birthdays, holiday parties, Christmas, my birthday, New Years, and soft blankets of snow.


It’s my very favorite month. There’s always something to be planned, something to be baked, something to be wrapped (and unwrapped, under twinkly lights), and something delicious to eat and drink.

This year was no exception. There were so many friends, and so much family, and SO much cake (too much cake, maybe, this year?)


There was even a surprise proposal, for one of my very best friends. December was filled with a little extra magic this year.


I could not be more grateful for 2014. However…if the last four days are any indication of how the rest of 2015 will play out, we’re in for a record-breaking year.

There’s a new job starting, in the heart of the old port.


There’s a living room full of thoughtful, carefully picked presents, waiting to find their place in our home.


There’s a new Welterweight album, being recorded and mixed.


And there’s a cleaned and organized pantry, so this year’s baking adventures will be a tad easier.


I’m a sucker for a fresh start.

To welcome 2015, and to encourage the kinds of healthy eating choices that earned a back seat in the month of December, I brought back my Sunday prep. Unless I’m traveling, I will carve out a few hours every Sunday to shop for the week ahead and prepare the kinds of foods that will keep Trevor and I healthy and happy.


If you’re looking to start 2015 with a few healthier choices too, think about trying to “crowd out” the junk food with more health foods and snacks (chick pea pesto, anyone?) instead of setting food rules for yourself that will only lead to guilty feelings when they inevitably get broken.

What does 2015 look like so far for you? Do you have any healthy eating objectives or wellness goals? Happy new year!

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