Weekly Wrap-Up


Cheers, dude! You made it through the big week. Take it easy today and check out what’s been motivating me:

  • I struggle with yoga because I don’t have a “yoga body.” These photos encourage me to keep going anyways.
  • I fell in love with the food in Sri Lanka. I can’t wait to try to recreate some of these dishes in my kitchen!
  • Starting the land/house search is hard. Dreaming of this house keeps me going.
  • I’d like my entire freezer to be filled with these.
  • I’m totally taking this trailmix to Baxter over labor day weekend.
  • Take a risk- try some weird food this weekend.
  • And while you’re at it, make this cocktail.
  • 10 steps to improve your running form, ladies.
  • It’s the start of August and it’s too hot to cook. Tasting Table has you covered.
  • So blessed to hike this peak every summer. Katahdin, here we come!

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