Weekly Wrap-Up


My week started with watching my best friend get married and is ending with climbing an enormous mountain. Big things, people! Here’s what I’m thinking about in between all that:

  • I’m researching hangover foods for an upcoming recipe post (and past weekend real life experience).
  • Best mashup of the summer. Repeat repeat repeat.
  • I love my Vitamix- definitely going to try some of these recipes!
  • We have ZERO real problems– if you’re healthy, safe, and loved, be grateful.
  • Some weeks I’m just harder on myself than others. Here’s how to love yourself no matter what.
  • There is a very soft spot in my heart for figs.
  • Let’s up our breakfast game, shall we? Cereal is so 2014.
  • The world is exploding with zucchini this time of year. Can’t eat ’em fast enough? Freeze those suckers!
  • It’s creeping into the end of summer and I still haven’t gotten to a lot of these things.
  • If you can climb a mountain, you can do anything.

One thought on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Ho Tessaroo- I checked out ALL of your links – wonderful! Inspiring and covering all of my needs -physical and spiritual. Loved hearing your thoughts. Good Food and Food for thought.

    I almost missed your email but happy to have discovered your weekly wrap up. Mm


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