Land ho(ld)!

The plan started out so simple: find a patch of land. Build a small house. Live happily ever after.


In the past 8 months, we’ve put offers on 3 different houses throughout Maine. We’ve walked through at least 30 fixer uppers, researched small cabin plans, priced out yurts, and looked up tiny house codes. We finally “settled” on building…

Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 9.43.30 AM.png

…but it turns out, building a small house costs nearly as much as building a big house. Add on zoning code violations, a low house appraisal because your design is “abnormal”, and trying to get your house agent, loan agent, builder, and seller on the same page and you’ll find yourself where we are now: frustrated, exhausted, and flip flopping on every decision.


Last night we gave our 2 months notice to our landlord. I look ahead and see 4 different paths, waiting to be chosen: building our dream house with a big garden out in the country, buying a fixer upper within biking distance of Portland, living care free and renting, or frugally camping it out in a renovated bus. I’m afraid that whatever we choose, we’ll regret not taking the other paths.

walking property.JPG

Trevor tells me to be patient (always the lesson the universe will keep throwing at me until I learn to let go) and that we just need to wait it out until we understand our options better. He’s probably right- things that are meant to be shouldn’t be so hard. Whatever we end up choosing, we’ll find a way to make it wonderful. We always do.


More soon.


2 thoughts on “Land ho(ld)!

  1. Welcome to the world of development… constructing the building is only the tip of the iceberg. But don’t give up! Breathe! Have you thought about prefab?… like this company or just forget about the builder and do it yourself… it’s a tiny home, so host a “house raising”. I’d be happy to be there and even act as foreman if needed (yes, I know how to do that). On the financing front, we are only months away from the launch of real crowdfunding… the SEC opens that up on May 16… and there are startups like that are ready to launch local real estate crowdfunding platforms. Call me if you want to brainstorm. xoxo


  2. Great way to process all the options swimming in your thoughts and dreams. It seems to me that this is one of those times when life adds a catalyst to the mix. Whatever trump card life throws next (job, land, opportunity or other…) will help you find your way and it will be the right decision.
    Waiting can be hard but one path will light up for you and all else will fall into place.


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