Sweat the Sweet Stuff

I have a sweet tooth that once ate through a solid chocolate Easter bunny closer in size to a real bunny in less than 24 hours. I was told I ate so much chocolate it turned my eyes brown. But since becoming a health coach & learning more about the crazy, addictive, and harmful effects of sugar, I know it’s a vice I’ll always have to keep in check. But I’ll never completely try to banish it. Everything in moderation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 6.54.52 PM

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Our First CSA

This year, Trevor and I bit the bullet and bought a CSA membership.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Community members purchase a “share” of crops up front from a local farmer before the season begins. The farmer rewards CSA members with fresh, local, and delicious food every week. We purchased a “farm + forage” CSA, which means every week May-October we’ll get a box chock full of produce grown on the farm, as well as food foraged in the Maine wilderness, such as mushrooms, fiddle heads, blueberries, and spinach!Read More »

Anticipated joy

We smelled spring today.


It doesn’t look like it from there, but close up, changes were happening. We could see the ice melting on top of waves, twisted like frozen paper cranes ready to take flight. We closed our eyes and felt warm air brush our cheeks. With each breath, we let out a little bit of our winter sadness and took in big gulps of anticipated joy.Read More »

Fresh start

My years always end with a bang. December is a smorgasboard of  friends’ and relatives’ birthdays, holiday parties, Christmas, my birthday, New Years, and soft blankets of snow.


It’s my very favorite month. There’s always something to be planned, something to be baked, something to be wrapped (and unwrapped, under twinkly lights), and something delicious to eat and drink.Read More »