Farmers Market Smoothie


We got back from our whirlwind adventure in Sri Lanka and Vietnam a little over a week ago. It was spectacular. We climbed 5th century AD kingdoms, saw ALL the buddhas (and brought one home!) and ate the most amazing, other-worldly good food.

And while some of the food we ate was fresh and green and full of nutrients…


…many other things we ate were fried, or ice cream, or filled with additives (protip: NEVER eat the airplane food, especially the meat. Bring your own snacks.)

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Sweat the Sweet Stuff

I have a sweet tooth that once ate through a solid chocolate Easter bunny closer in size to a real bunny in less than 24 hours. I was told I ate so much chocolate it turned my eyes brown. But since becoming a health coach & learning more about the crazy, addictive, and harmful effects of sugar, I know it’s a vice I’ll always have to keep in check. But I’ll never completely try to banish it. Everything in moderation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 6.54.52 PM

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“After the 12th one they get good” Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas

FULL DISCLOSURE: These will not magically make chickpeas taste like salt and vinegar chips. Unfortunately, I went into this baking project assuming just that. They will, however, make chickpeas taste a lot better than just chickpeas. And they’re much healthier than chips. But they’re not for everyone.


As Trevor put it: “Make sure people know how weird these are. [5 minutes later] I can’t stop eating these. After the 12th one they get really good.” You’ve been warned.Read More »

Spice up your Thanksgiving Game

Don’t get me wrong- I’m all about the classics. What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey (or tofurkey), the creamy mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans with the crispy fried onions on top, and ALL the pie? (Answer: regular weeknight dinner.) But every year, it’s fun to bring one new dish to the table to see if it’s a hit.


This is Trevor and my first Thanksgiving as hosts. We’re cooking our very first turkey (thank you Uncle Sandy for the patient step-by-step brining instructions!), dealing with our first Thanksgiving time table (thank you Bon Appétit!) and cleaning the house like mad people. Our table is small with just one guest, but we’re still loading it up with tons of traditional fare plus this new favorite recipe.Read More »

Healthy Halloween

Halloween is one week from today, folks! This weekend is the perfect time to find that last prop for your costume and stock up on your candy supply. While you’re out shopping, consider branching out and buying a more natural candy instead of resorting to the scary classics.


It’s a balancing point, I know- you don’t want to be the weird neighbor handing out the toothbrush or the apples… but maybe you’re taking a closer look at the label and thinking, “there’s a whole lot of stuff in here besides chocolate and peanut butter.”

Get rid of the guilt and support these three great brands:

Unreal: Candy Unjunked

unreal candy

I got excited seeing these at CVS last year- a sure sign that natural, less-processed food was becoming a real trend. Yes, it’s still sugar-laden candy, but it’s got a lot less hard-to-pronounce ingredients than a Snickers bar.


  • Non-GMO
  • Made in North America
  • 100% Gluten-free ingredients
  • Ethically sourced
  • No preservatives, no corn syrup


  • Shelf life of 9 months
  • Manufactured in a plant with gluten and nuts, so may not be 100% safe for those with severe allergies
  • Only sold in the US


Justins PB cupsThe healthiest Reese’s substitute you can find out there (unless you make your own.) Their nut butter travel packs are great for handing out, too (think healthy nutella in a squeeze pouch.)


  • Certified Fair-trade and organic
  • Donates to Conscious Alliance, a grass-roots organization that provides youth awareness programs on severe hunger issues
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Sustainable packaging (more than other brands.)


  • The PB cups often look cloudy and a bit discolored due to “cocoa bloom,” when the chocolate reach temps over 75 degrees (because it doesn’t contain preservatives, it’s effected more than other chocolates.) Still delicious though!
  • Only two products: PB cups and Nut Butters (but really, what else could you want?)

KIND bars


Looking to go the extra-hippy route? These bars will encourage healthy eating while still satisfying a mean sweet tooth.


  • 100% whole ingredients
  • Protein boost (10 grams/bar)
  • Many flavors to choose from like Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate
  • Great brand with a commitment to social entrepreneurship
  • Gluten Free


  • The kids will hate you and most likely just give the bars to their parents (who will *love* you!)

Happy Halloween!

Turkey head(My proudest Halloween costume! I clearly got plenty of candy this year.)