Looking Up

This weekend was a kaleidoscope of soft snow, roaring wood stoves, homemade food (cooked by someone else!), big hugs, sweaty mittens, unbeatable views, and the happiest of happy hours.


It felt as if we had gone through the closet doors and found ourselves somewhere near the lamp post in the Narnian woods.


The joy of being outside, with people you love, in a place far less touched by the 21st century does something to you- no cell reception meant there was no thinking about responding to emails, checking Instagram, or texting back a friend. I was free, breathing in and out nothing but gratitude.




As two young twenty somethings (one still in grad school), we live on a tight budget, and often say no to expenses that fall outside of our needs. But trips like this are a need– a few times a year, we budget for experiences that break us out of our ruts and help us to look up, above the tree line. The views up here make me want to hold on to this perspective for dear life.


I hope wherever you are this winter, you have the chance to go somewhere that lets you slow down and reflect…preferably somewhere with a piping hot, enormous slice of homemade gingerbread.



Foraged Summer Feast

mushroom harvestWe’re into August already, but this weekend was the first one that really felt like summer. Our good friends Jill and Joe came up for a visit, and reminded us of the pure joy that can only be found in a full day with absolutely nothing to do.

We took a long nature walk, talked about our dreams for the future, and ate really, really good food.

During our walk in the woods, they showed us how to look for coral and oyster mushrooms. We harvested them and added them to our CSA chanterelles and black trumpets. We then paired them with our new favorite pasta recipe, good Pecorino Romano, fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil.

Pasta dinner

Oh, and big goblets of Wild Sumac Margaritas!

sumac margarita

This dinner was the perfect nod to summer’s bounty. I insist you find some good mushrooms, good friends, good tequila, and make this immediately before summer starts to disappear.


Foraged Summer Feast

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Weekly Wrapup

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 7.31.23 AM

It’s FRIDDAYYY! This is a new series I’m starting, inspired by this amazing blog. Take an extra long coffee break and get ready for a healthy, nourishing, relaxing, and adventurous weekend ahead.

  1. I can’t wait to make these this weekend.
  2. I’ve been binge-listening to all 3 of Gimlet Media’s podcasts. They make my runs (and commute) feel so much shorter.
  3. ZOODLES. Do it.
  4. A bunch of these hikes are on my list.
  5. Grab some paint and freshen up that room you’ve been wanting to repaint. Mega inspiration.
  6. I’m thinking of adding this to my morning breakfast routine.
  7. We’ve been eating more and more vegetarian these days. Up for the challenge?
  8. I first read this article on running over 7 years ago- I still think back to it every time I need motivation to lace up.
  9. Put the cone down- make one of these snacks instead.
  10. Sunday will be here before you know it- get your meals PREPPED so next week will be stress free.

Anticipated joy

We smelled spring today.


It doesn’t look like it from there, but close up, changes were happening. We could see the ice melting on top of waves, twisted like frozen paper cranes ready to take flight. We closed our eyes and felt warm air brush our cheeks. With each breath, we let out a little bit of our winter sadness and took in big gulps of anticipated joy.Read More »