Foraged Summer Feast

mushroom harvestWe’re into August already, but this weekend was the first one that really felt like summer. Our good friends Jill and Joe came up for a visit, and reminded us of the pure joy that can only be found in a full day with absolutely nothing to do.

We took a long nature walk, talked about our dreams for the future, and ate really, really good food.

During our walk in the woods, they showed us how to look for coral and oyster mushrooms. We harvested them and added them to our CSA chanterelles and black trumpets. We then paired them with our new favorite pasta recipe, good Pecorino Romano, fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil.

Pasta dinner

Oh, and big goblets of Wild Sumac Margaritas!

sumac margarita

This dinner was the perfect nod to summer’s bounty. I insist you find some good mushrooms, good friends, good tequila, and make this immediately before summer starts to disappear.


Foraged Summer Feast

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Weekly Wrapup

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 7.31.23 AM

It’s FRIDDAYYY! This is a new series I’m starting, inspired by this amazing blog. Take an extra long coffee break and get ready for a healthy, nourishing, relaxing, and adventurous weekend ahead.

  1. I can’t wait to make these this weekend.
  2. I’ve been binge-listening to all 3 of Gimlet Media’s podcasts. They make my runs (and commute) feel so much shorter.
  3. ZOODLES. Do it.
  4. A bunch of these hikes are on my list.
  5. Grab some paint and freshen up that room you’ve been wanting to repaint. Mega inspiration.
  6. I’m thinking of adding this to my morning breakfast routine.
  7. We’ve been eating more and more vegetarian these days. Up for the challenge?
  8. I first read this article on running over 7 years ago- I still think back to it every time I need motivation to lace up.
  9. Put the cone down- make one of these snacks instead.
  10. Sunday will be here before you know it- get your meals PREPPED so next week will be stress free.

What’s your dream?


Dreams get a bad rap, in every day life. We’re much more concerned with schedules, deadlines, and quantifiable results. Dreams are seen as whimsical realities, a dual world that only exists in the clouds.

IMG_0570 2

What are the dreams you’re too scared to voice, that lie somewhere in between consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness? What are the birthday-cake-candle wishes you whisper to yourself?


I’m not saying schedules and accountability aren’t important, too- because they are. In order to make a dream a reality, you need to pair it with good old fashioned WORK. But- the core of a dream is a wild, fantastic, untamable place. And too often, we don’t explore that wilderness enough. 

We’re too scared of getting our hopes up, of picturing a future that couldn’t possibly exist. Dreams hold enormous power. When you start voicing your dreams and treating them as you would any other important project in your life, magic can happen.


Trevor and I started a dream board two years ago in DC. Like many things I scoff at first and then come to love (epsom salt baths, kefir, leaving DC) it was all Trevor’s idea. We got a bulletin board and a bunch of pins, and put up the following dreams:

  • Get married
  • Buy used car
  • Graduate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Have babies
  • Pay off school bills
  • Build dream house

The dream board sat there for a while. I’d tuck it under the bed when guests came, embarrassed. Afraid I had to explain my dreams to someone who wouldn’t believe in them. But then, we started accomplishing a few of those dreams. We created a “success” column and started moving pins over. And it felt good.


No, it felt amazing. It was empowering. It made me want to voice more dreams, and to be a little crazier with them. “Save 10k emergency fund,” “Get a health coach client,” “Write 100th blog post,” “Become yoga certified,” all went on the board. We’d come back to it every few months, bring a few goals over to the success column, write a few more. We added photos of dream houses, quotes about being brave and believing in ourselves.


We became more specific with our goals. We talked (and blogged!) about them with other people. I didn’t hide the dream board under the bed when guests came over. People didn’t laugh- and I started to believe that these crazy dreams could really become something tangible. That we could live in that dual world, do good work that helps others, raise happy tiny humans in a house we build in a state we love.


These dreams still scare me- as big dreams should. Every time I start really doubting them though, I check out that success column on my board, and it gives me energy. I can’t wait to look back on it in 10, 20, 50 years and see everything that we’ve accomplished, and how our dreams have evolved.

So…what are YOUR dreams? And, if you’re not ready to voice them out loud (and some people say you shouldn’t at first!), start a dream board, and see where it leads you.



Farmers Market Smoothie


We got back from our whirlwind adventure in Sri Lanka and Vietnam a little over a week ago. It was spectacular. We climbed 5th century AD kingdoms, saw ALL the buddhas (and brought one home!) and ate the most amazing, other-worldly good food.

And while some of the food we ate was fresh and green and full of nutrients…


…many other things we ate were fried, or ice cream, or filled with additives (protip: NEVER eat the airplane food, especially the meat. Bring your own snacks.)

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