This weekend, Trevor and I celebrated our first anniversary. Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful friend, we stayed in a log cabin on Lake Millinocket, just a short canoe paddle away from breathtaking views of Mt. Katahdin.


I’ve been visiting this northern Maine mountain every summer for as long as I can remember. It’s my spiritual touchpoint- a place that clarifies what’s worth pursuing, and what I should stop worrying about.

Trevor hiked Katahdin a number of times as a boy scout growing up, which somehow makes it an even more hauntingly beautiful place. A mountain we were both climbing long before we knew the other existed, or would come to be the one.


This weekend we let ourselves dream without reservations. About getting Rosewood on its feet, about Sri Lanka next summer, about tiny houses, about the many touchstones and anniversaries we’ll celebrate down the road. In between dreams, we made pasta from scratch…


…and drank endless mugs of cocoa, and read an entire book…



…and played cards on springy sunlit moss…


tesscards…and went on many wonderfully lazy canoe trips, searching for moose who didn’t want to be found.

canoeHere’s to many more anniversaries, and to remembering the lessons of Katahdin: chase what matters, let go of the rest.


Gratitude Attitude: List 2

This week was a lunar eclipse- I think it was called a blood moon? I don’t really follow astrology, but sometimes I can’t help buying into it just a little. There were warnings that this week might be more chaotic and confusing as a result. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that, but if your week did feel a little of whack (like ours did), chalk it up to mars being in retrograde and make a list of everything that was good, big or small.


  • I’m so grateful that four years ago today I asked Tess to be my girlfriend. It was the capitol of Vietnam’s millennial anniversary. There were millions of people in the streets outside our dorm, fireworks going off all around us. I knew it was the start of something special.


  • We’re spending our wedding anniversary weekend up near Mt. Katahdin- I’m so grateful for our buddy Paul’s generosity in letting us stay at his family’s cabin.
  • FALL BREAK. I’m 100% grateful for a long weekend and a break from grading papers and studying.



  • Despite the crazy price (our jaws are still on the floor) I’m extremely grateful to have our Subaru fixed up and safe again. I don’t have to worry about it breaking down on Trevor anymore.
  • I’m really grateful for my team at work- these two guys are extremely supportive, creative, and help me get through the tough stuff.


  • I’m grateful to be back at the gym- it’s starting to get really dark when I get home, so the gym will start being my primary workout space again. As much as I’ll miss the outdoors, there’s something about the gym that makes me want to work a little harder. The quote on the wall says “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

gym(I promise not to start taking gym selfies on a regular basis)

What were you grateful for this week?