The Burger to End All Burgers


Trevor and I have been seriously rethinking our protein-game recently. It started with a road trip- as most of our life-changing decisions seem to be made these days. We challenged each other to go without pork or beef for one year.

For the most part, we eat a fairly veggie-centric diet and usually incorporate meat into it 1-2 times/week. Somewhere over the summer though, we seemed to slip. This challenge was our way to bring back the veggies and try to think more consciously about the animal meat we do reach for when our body craves it. We try to ask ourselves questions like: where does it come from? Is it a local source? Were the animals raised humanely? What were they fed? How were they killed? Is this a fair price to be paying for the farmer? Is it truly worth it for us to get this life-source from them, or could we have gotten the same energy elsewhere? Tough questions, but important ones.

This is one of our absolute favorite veggie meals to make- it’s hands down the best burger we’ve ever had, and we truly never miss the meat! If you have an extra hour on your hands, we highly recommend you try this recipe. It’s a great weekend project too, as they freeze well and can be thawed and thrown on the grill or pan-fried within minutes on a busy weeknight. Read More »