How to Prep for The Common Ground Fair


I have been looking forward to returning to the Common Ground fair for exactly 7 years now. That’s how long it’s been. (Thanks, Facebook.)


It’s the kind of fair where, upon entering, I let out a huge sigh of relief and say, “My people.” It’s the kind of fair you find the most delectable, delicious food that’s also local, organic, and (mostly) healthy. It’s the kind of fair where the parade is a compost parade. It’s a sustainable, organic, earth-loving, people-loving, information-laden, carve-your-own-wooden-spoons free for all, and Trevor and I could not be more excited (or prepared.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.00.07 AM

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In IIN, I learned to treat your kitchen as a sanctuary. Cooking is a form of alchemy- you literally transform food into bloodstream. Each thread of hair, cell, or fingernail was created by food!

It may seem obvious, but it’s something we often forget. Foods also have their own energy which constitutes your energy. Ever eat a steak and feel rearin’ to go? Or enjoyed some grilled organic vegetables and feel very grounded? The same is true for the energy you bring into the kitchen- your mood while cooking will influence the energy of your food.

By calming your presence before entering the kitchen and setting the stage (with a candle, saying a prayer, or a glass of wine) you’re better able to produce a more nutritious, enjoyable meal. As this was a very special meal, I had two glasses of wine to prepare!

wine cheers
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