Gratitude Attitude: Week 1

It’s too easy to get sucked up into the culture of “not enough.” It seems like we walk around with a perpetual wishlist in our heads of everything we want that will  finally make us happy. That new sweater, just perfect for Fall. The latest iPhone. A faster car. A bigger house. A better life.

sweater weather

These wishlists can consume us if we’re not careful. Ultimately, they’re just temporary distractions from a larger place of unrest within us. By focusing on what we’re grateful for instead, our wishlists diminish, and we’re able to focus on a more pure source of joy.

Here’s what we’re grateful for this week:


  • I’m grateful for my body this week- it’s strong enough to carry me through whatever crazy workout I put it through, which is mostly yoga these days. I’m working on regaining the flexibility I lost hauling sails and not stretching all summer.


  • My mind- I’m at grad school at UMaine for Mathematics, and I’m so grateful I have the ability to keep up (mostly) with these complex classes.

crazy math

  • My heart- it lets me love Tess so much!


  • I’m grateful for this amazing dinner Trevor cooked (on a night I couldn’t feel LESS like cooking.) 


  • My wonderful band and my friends and family who came out to support me last night- we rocked a full house on an early Thursday evening!


  • Not having wifi- it’s encouraging me to read more, cook more, talk more, and build a slow yet growing resentment towards a certain someone who refuses to stop winning at Rummy 500.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.40.34 AM

What are you grateful for this week?